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【Top 10 Men’s boutique brands】How to choose a gift for men?


Men’s boutique brands are generally divided into business, casual, leisure and sporting categories. Despite these divisions, there are plenty of boutiques that cater for all. Let’s take a look at the following boutique brands that are recommended places to start when in search for the ideal men’s gift.

Top 5 Tea Shops in Southern Taiwan


Looking at the history of tea in Taiwan, although teas are most famous in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli, the tea trade in the south is an important factor. In the early days, all Taiwanese tea was sent to Kaohsiung which has a trading port, so it was inevitable that high-quality southern Taiwan tea would gradually develop. This article will introduce selected tea shops in southern Taiwan to help you plan your next visit.

Top 5 Recommended Tainan Tea Shops

Top 5 台南茶葉行&手搖杯飲料推薦

Good teas can be found all over Taiwan, and the southern areas of Taiwan are scattered with many historical and classic tea shops. Besides Tainan’s Tianren tea, there are many tea shops that originate from South Taiwan. Let’s take a look at some tea shops in Tainan, Taiwan that are worthy of your special trip!