Top 5 Tea Shops in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli


The essence of Taiwan’s tea is in the Taozhumiao area. Before 1980, tea plantations were mainly concentrated in northern Taiwan, the largest being situated in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaol. Among them, the Hakka people play an important role. In the early days, due to the difficulty of reclamation, most of the relatively flat plains were planted with rice; while the hillsides naturally became the production areas of tea trees. “Whenever there is a mountain, there must be a customer, and when there is a customer, there must be tea.” Let us take a closer look at the classic tea shops of Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli!


Which are Tea Shops in N. Taiwan?

Hsinchu Oriental Beauty Tea

Hsinchu tea can be said to be the representative of Taiwan. In the heyday of tea making in Taiwan, there were more than 400 tea factories, and Hsinchu County accounted for about half of them. In addition to the tea shop, the background of the well-known Taiwanese tea TV series – Tea Gold is also based on Hsinchu. 

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iCHEF – Milk tea

It is an original tea shop from Hsinchu, emphasising the use of original Taiwan tea leaves instead of crushed tea that is often used in conventional tea shops. iCHEF out of Japan defines ‘red brick’: you must know that to build a house, the most important thing is to have solid and stable materials in order to stand the test of time. Although it is not gorgeous in appearance, it is the most authentic drink.


  • Sophisticated Black Tea Latte – fermented small leaf seeds made in a golden ratio of 1:1​​​.
  • ​​White Peach Oolong – strong taste of Oolong tea with the fragrance of peach, equally delicious hot and cold.

Where is iCHEF and what are their operating hours?

  • Address: No. 156, Shengli 1st Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 30264
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 – 21:00
  • Closed: Sunday

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In the ethereal embrace of Northern Taiwan’s misty mountains and lush valleys, where tea leaves dance to the rhythm of the gentle breeze, you’ll find exquisite tea shops nestled like hidden gems, offering cups of serenity that transport your soul to realms of tranquility.


Tea Classroom – Shih Fang Cha She

Shih Fang Cha She

Have you ever paid NTW$385 for tea in Taiwan? At Shih Fang Cha She, a tea shop in Hsinchu, “avocado honey milk oolong tea” is claimed to be the most expensive bubble tea drink in Taiwan”. The NTW$385 price tag raises expectations and convinces customers that the quality of the product is aligned. In addition to the surprising tea drinks, there are also precious and fragrant “snow beads”: that limits the output capacity to just 4 cups per hour.

Shih Fang Cha She TOP 1

  • Fresh Snow Bead Milk Oolong Tea – A thick layer of fragrant oolong tea with a limited number of snow beads is the most recommended by customers.
  • Chuanbei Pure Honey Milk Oolong Tea – The signature oolong milk tea is paired with Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Herbal Cough Syrup, which is smooth and delicious.

Where is Shih Fang Cha She? Operating Hours

  • Address: 6F, No. 18, Zhuangjing North Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 30264
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (7 days a week)
  • Day Off:None

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施房茶 台灣北部茶葉行飲料店

Parent-child experience tea factory, Miaoli tea garden as far as the eye could see, pick fresh and drink fresh!

The tea line closest to the central region is Miaoli, and the Tongluo area in Miaoli has a hilly landscape, large temperature difference between day and night, and rich acidic soil, ideal for growing tea. Despite this, utilisation of such prime land was relatively late, therefore, most of the luscious tea gardens are still intact, and today is a haven to experience tea picking.

Shanshui Tea Hall

Located in Zhunan, Miaoli, Shanshui Tea Hall focuses on “attentive tea craftsmanship, ensuring every sip of Taiwan’s tea is just right”, and insists on using the most authentic tea leaves. Every cup of pure tea is made from triangular tea bags, which can be used for refilling.

Shanshui Tea Hall TOP 1

  • ​​Alishan Red Oolong – Alishan Oolong tea and black tea combined doubles up on the aroma!
  • 177 Tea King – Light green in color, sweet and thick in taste!

Where is Shanshui Tea Hall and what are their operating hours?

  • Address:​​​​No. 61, Boai Street, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County
  • Operating Hours: 09:00 – 22:00 (7 days a week)
  • Day Off:None

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Tea Shops in N.Taiwan, where time slows down amidst the whispers of tea leaves, as fragrant steam dances with the wind, carrying the essence of mountains and rivers in every sip, allowing souls to find solace in the embrace of tranquility.

嵐田茶行 台灣北部茶葉行飲料店

Introducing Luxury Brand

Lantian Tea Shop

Lantian Tea Shop is located in Tongluo, Miaoli, Taiwan, and exclusively sells their own production of tea. The family-owned company, Quanfa Tea Factory, has a history of over 100 years and insists on friendly farming methods so that the tea production environment can operate sustainably. It has passed a number of government safety inspections, production and sales experience certification, and has won many domestic and foreign tea awards.

Lantian Tea Shop TOP 1

  • ​​Honey Fragrance Black Tea – Unique and rich aroma of tropical fruits, honey, and flowers, equally suited for cold and hot brewing.
  • Quanfa’s signature oolong tea – Lantian tea shop’s unique secret baking recipe based on the charcoal oolong method which is very resistant to foaming.

Where is Lantian Tea and what are their operating hours?

  • Address:​​366 No. 12, Yongle Road, Yongle Street, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County
  • Operating Hours: 08:00 – 17:30
  • Closed: Monday

No. 7 Ark

No. 7 Ark is an authentic Miaoli tea drink shop that has been operating in Miaoli for over 20 years. If you want to taste the local beverages of Miaoli, you should come to No. 7 Ark. No. 7 Ark is a taste that correlates with the childhood memories of many locals, hence is highly recommended. Although there is no gorgeous storefront design, there are classic drinks that have persisted for 20 years. You must not miss it when you come to Miaoli.

No. 7 Ark TOP 1​​

  • ​​Maixiang black tea – traditional series, fragrant and sweet wheat tea flavour
  • Bubble milk tea – authentic Taiwanese signature milk tea containing big chewy black pearls

Where is No. 7 Ark and what are their operating hours?

  • Address: No. 24, Tianyun Street, Miaoli City, Miaoli County, 360
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 – 22:00 (7 days a week)
  • Day Off:None

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