Top 10 Tea Shops Surprisingly Owned by Celebrities


The bubble tea business in Taiwan is highly lucrative as it is popular all year round, so much so that in recent years, some celebrities have begun to capitalise on it. Some celebrity-owned bubble tea shops are themed on the characteristics of the individual, while others are less conspicuous. Let’s take a closer look at the famous bubble tea shops in Taiwan!

九茶 Nine_tea

Which are Celebrities’ Tea Shops?

【Top 10 Tea Shops Owned by Celebrities in Taiwan】

九茶 Nine_tea

Nine Tea is a tea shop opened by celebrity – Nine Chen. Currently, there is only one location in Xinyi District, Taipei. The signature tea is named after the classic board game – Werewolf, which Nine Chen is good at. His specialty is the milk tea series, which also includes witch’s poison and antidote (AKA: black tea + green tea). If you are a fan of Nine Chen, do not forget to drink a special cup of Nine Tea on your next visit to Xinyi, Taipei.

茶明載波 Chá Míng Zài Bō

Chá Míng Zài Bō is located in Taichung, and their shop’s signature is limited to 66 cups an hour as their milk tea is strictly boiled in a pot. Although a cup of black or oolong tea is expensive, it still attracts a large number of loyal fans. Other original teas also include Oriental Beauty and Tea King Oolong from Taiwan. 

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Celebrities’ Tea Shops, where dreams blend with the essence of tea, each sip a glimpse into the enchanting world of fame, as flavors interweave with stardust, casting a spell of delight that resonates with the hearts of adoring fans.


Tea Classroom – WooTea

五桐茶 WooTea

WooTea, which has always been tagged and shared on social media, is a beverage shop jointly opened by social media influencers – Ji Buxin, Junjun, and Gu Chengyi. Their five basic signature teas are traditional, yet very much innovative, with options to add almond jelly, soy milk jelly, or rice milk jelly. WooTea has also collaborated with Warner Bros. to launch their peripheral bags, mini-shoulder bags, along with other products featuring the lovely Tweety Bird and Bugs Bunny.


Jay Chou, his wife, and Hannah Quinlivan opened MACHI MACHI, taking the ‘cute’ route as far as interior design goes, with retro-style chairs in the storefront, worthy of picture taking. MACHI MACHI has outlets in Australia, Canada, England, Japan, and South Korea, and their most famous beverage on offer is their cheese-topped tea, as featured in Jay Chou’s Music Video!


春陽茶事 Chun Yang Tea

Chun Yang Tea, famous for its noodle jelly and oolong tea, is a beverage shop opened by Blackie Chen. With the brand theme of “Happy like spring sun, talk about tea with a smile”, Chun Yang Tea emphasises that drinking tea is an attitude to life, and making tea is a simple original intention. The most recommended series of Chun Yang Tea is definitely the oolong tea series. Whether you prefer to drink tea straight, or with refreshing lemon and raspberries, remember to add the most famous noodle jelly of Chun Yang Tea!

萬波 Wanpo Tea Shop

Every military village in Taiwan has a story about a cup of tea. Wanbo was founded by Peter, a former member of the Comic Boyz (band). There are more than 80 stores in Taiwan, and Wanbo stores can also be found in Australia, Japan, Korea, UK, and USA, showcasing to the world how delicious Taiwanese tea is. Wanpo Tea Shop marketing ideas are also very special. They once launched a cup of frozen water for NTW$10 on April Fool’s Day, a prank which quickly became a topic of discussion.

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DONTYELLATME, a beverage shop founded by Hey Girl—Yako Chan. Taking “hipster” as the brand direction, the transparent cup body and the cute hand-painted logo signboard have become one of the beverage shops that young people like to tag on social media. The most recommended drink is from the chrysanthemum tea series. Whether it is winter melon chrysanthemum, roselle honey chrysanthemum, etc. all are popular during summer. The uniqueness of this beverage shop often draws long queues.

署茗職茶 AtTea

In addition to Jam Hsiao being a golden singer, he is also well known for JINBO IAM’S NOODIES, and his bubble tea shop which screams tropical flavour! The store uses the orange series, Lao Xiao’s favourite lucky colour, with the use of the @ symbol as part of their name, everyone can easily tag @ on social media to alert their friends to experience the satisfaction in their beverages. Beverage Recommendations: Cheese Cream Huangji Oolong, and Tropical Samba Fruit Tea. In addition to the drinks on the menu, there are also hidden versions that can be ordered on the spot. If you like Jam Hsiao, you will definitely not want to miss it!

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Where stardust and tea leaves entwine, celebrities’ tea shops bloom like celestial sanctuaries, where the essence of fame and the artistry of tea converge, crafting concoctions of indulgence that tantalize both the senses and the spirit.


Introducing Luxury Brand


A celebrity bubble tea shop, Lulu and Ben Wu jointly opened “COFFEE.TEA.OR”. The name of the store is always reminiscent of the phrase COFFEE OR TEA inflight. The store has a bright blue and white interior, and alongside tea, fashionable optical retail is also integrated within the business. Their honey milk tea and honey pomelo pineapple are strongly recommended; and as an added bonus, coffee is also sold in addition to tea.

花羨沐嵐 HuaXian MuLan

Jointly opened by well-known celebrities NONO and Eddy Ou, HuaXian MuLan’s style is Chinese oriented in every little detail, from the store interior right down to the cup. Their main shop is located in Kaohsiung, with a uniquely located branch also in Xiaoliuqiu, an outlying island. While the foundation of their business revolves around Taiwanese tea primarily, their fresh fruit series is also very popular.

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花羨沐嵐HuaXian MuLan
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Summary of bubble tea shops opened by celebrities

Out of the 10 bubble tea shops opened by celebrities, each has its own characteristics and different fanbases. While drinking a good cup of tea, you may also be able to see idols and celebrities. If you are a fan of any of the above celebrities, you must not miss the opportunity to visit their bubble tea establishments.

Going by the sheer number of bubble tea shops on the streets of Taiwan, we can see that Taiwanese people can’t get enough of it! In addition to bubble tea shops, there are also many retailers of fine teas. ABoxTik is a Taiwanese tea dealer, specialising in high-quality boutique Taiwanese tea products. Visit our official website to discover our range of ultimate gifts for the holiday season.