The Best High Mountain Tea – HuaGang Water Source?


The “HuaGang Water Source” tea garden is located in the middle of a mountainous virgin forest, and with an average annual temperature of about 15 degrees, it mainly produces alpine oolong tea. In the cloud-shrouded and cold environment of the mountains, the growth rate of tea trees is extremely slow, with expected bud to harvest turnarounds to take 95-105 days. During the gestation period, along with access to quality water from the Hehuan River, buds absorb the most precious and pure morning dew, which makes it a truly unique tea garden.

“HuaGang Water Source” tea garden naturally integrates itself into the mountain’s ecosystem, producing quality thick and large alpine oolong leaves that set off a unique aroma once tenderised through brewing.


What is HuaGang Water Source?

Where is HuaGang? – HuaGang Water Source

HuaGang is located on the west peak of Mount Hehuan at the junction of Nantou, Taichung and Hualien. The altitude is between 2500 and 2560 metres, and the average annual temperature is 18 degrees. The coniferous forest has a rich and diverse ecology, and the clouds in the mountain resemble a fairyland.

At the first light of dawn, the clouds and mist slowly rise from the valley. Due to the lack of sunshine, it is not a suitable area to grow fruits, but vegetables and tea thrive. Under such a significant ecological environment, the crops grown in HuaGang are naturally more solid, crisp and sweet.

To grow premium alpine tea, quality soil, pure water and moderate temperatures are needed, along with fresh air and long-term snowmelt in the mountains.

What is the Water Source? – HuaGang Water Source

The tea garden is called “the Water Source” as it is situated in the stream trail of the Hehuan River.

Although in a high mountain area, the tea gardens are still well accessible. After driving to HuaGang Circle, the first tea garden is within just a 15 minute walk, which is approximately 2,500 metres above sea level; walk up an additional 15 minutes to reach the second tea garden, which has a larger output (1000 catties), with an altitude of about 2,550 metres.

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The Hehuan River is the Water Source

There must be a high-quality water source behind excellent crops to conform high-quality agricultural products. The Water Source comes from the Hehuan River in Hehuan Mountain, which is the upper reaches of the second longest tributary of the Dajia River.

The most famous species of the Hehuan River is definitely Taiwan’s national treasure fish – Oncorhynchus masou formosanus. Oncorhynchus masou formosanus is a unique subspecies that can only be found in Taiwan, and has existed since the Ice Age.

Oncorhynchus masou formosanus has extremely high survival requirements and must grow in clean streams with a water temperature below 16 degrees celsius. With that said, it is self-explanatory that the water quality of the Huagang has been certified as a national treasure.

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Huagang Water Source: At the heart of Huagang Water Source, the springs sing secrets older than time. These pristine waters, born in the embrace of ancient mountains, nurture the tea fields, filling each leaf with the whispers of purity.


Tea Classroom – HuaGang Water Source

Taiwan’s Highest High Mountain Tea – HuaGang Water Source

Because the “HuaGang Water Source” tea garden is located between 2500 to 2560 metres above sea level, some people say that this place is the highest alpine tea garden in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s high mountain tea is well renowned both domestically and internationally by tea lovers who never give less than a thumbs up. There are many varieties of Taiwanese high mountain tea, with those grown in the Lishan Mountains being constant winners. The soft and thick tea leaves from the Lishan area can be harvested about 2-3 times a year and are primarily of the Qingxin Oolong species. Due to the low temperatures and humidity at night, the tea leaves are not easy to ferment, so Lishan high mountain tea are not to be over-stirred during the tea making process.

The colour of high mountain tea leaves are emerald green, while the brew is of clear transparent honey green, with a light floral and fruity aroma, and strong yet sweet aftertaste. High mountain tea leaves have less caffeine content because the clouds and mist in the mountains block out excessive sunlight, which is ideal for afternoon consumption as it will not affect your sleep quality.

The tea trees high in the mountains absorb the blessings of nature repeatedly day in, day out all year round, which is what gives the tea leaves its thickness. The delicate quality of water is also responsible for the uniqueness of the tea aroma.

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Taste and Colour of Taiwanese High Mountain Tea

  1. Lower caffeine content and fresh
  2. Strong sweet aftertaste
  3. Clear and transparent honey green brew
  4. Light floral and fruity aroma

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Recommended Taiwanese alpine tea irrigated with snowwater

In addition to “HuaGang Water Source”, Taiwan’s five major mountain ranges all have high mountain teas representative to Taiwan, including Dongding Oolong tea from the Nantou area, and Alishan high mountain tea from in the central-southern region. In addition to snow water being pure and clean, research has found that the content of deuterium oxide is 25% less than that of ordinary water, and is higher in enzyme compounds.

Therefore, agricultural products grown in areas with snow water are usually more refreshing than the agricultural products irrigated on flat land due to the difference in water quality.

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The Price of Taiwanese High Mountain Tea

Because Taiwanese alpine tea is picked in a remote area, picking conditions and transportation directly reflect the tea price, therefore, high mountain tea will indeed be more expensive than flat tea.

In addition, plantations high in mountainous areas are limited, whenever there is an excellent high mountain tea output, the market is in short supply.

Thus, there are many merchants in the market who deceitfully sell flat tea as high mountain tea. When purchasing alpine tea, be sure to confirm the source of the tea from the tea shop to ensure you are getting what you are paying for.

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Huagang Water Source: At the pure, untouched heart of the Huagang Water Source, the liquid whispers of ages-old springs flow like verses in a sacred poem. This crystalline origin, cradled by lush mountains, gifts life to the bountiful tea gardens, infusing every leaf with the essence of purity.


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The “HuaGang Water Source” independent tea garden is the high mountain oolong tea production area that is most integrated with nature.

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