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Do you love tea but dislike caffeine? Then you should try natural herbal teas. Magnet Herbal tea was founded in 1996 in Taiwan and is well-known as the herbal/fruit tea pioneer that insists on only selecting raw herbal ingredients from high-quality production areas throughout the world.

The concept of herbal tea, which has health and fitness functions, originated from Europe with Germany as the main development area. Different types of plants can be used to make herbal tea blends, bagged up ready for you to enjoy.

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Which are Recommended Magnet Herbal Teas?

Recommended Magnet Herbal Tea Bags

To enjoy a good life, there is absolutely no lack of relaxation and healing moments, and a simple cup of herbal tea can bring you the power to restore vitality.

Magnet offers many plant options for their herbal tea range, including chamomile, rose, lavender, and mint; tea bags such as organic health-preserving herbal teas made by mixing and matching traditional Chinese medicinal wolfberry, red dates, and ginseng; mixed fruit herbal teas series includes: organic peach national treasure and organic orange, along with other various flower and fruit combinations.

  • Magnet Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile is Magnet’s signature herbal tea bag range, available in 15 and 40 pack options, and are combined with Oolong tea.

  • Magnet Rose Herbal Teas

Magnet Rose is available in herbal tea bag form, as well as whole dried loose rose form which is ideal for those who like to adjust their preferred quantity of roses for each tea session.

  • Magnet Comfort tea

Magnet’s Comfort tea originated from Germany, and it combines refreshing mint with a special aroma of lemongrass, which is one of the preferred after meal herbal teas.

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As the sun and moon exchange their glimmers, Magnet Tea captures the hearts of tea enthusiasts far and wide, painting poetic tales of satisfaction in every sip, as the tea leaves unfurl, releasing their essence to be praised in celestial verses.


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Where can I buy Magnet Herbal Tea?

Complimentary Magnet Herbal Tea is provided by many well-known Taiwanese hotels in suite mini bars, whether it be rose or lavender. However, you do not need to be a hotel guest to enjoy Magnet products, as it is widely available at large supermarket and Department store chains like PX Mart, Carrefour, POYA, Funcom, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, SOGO and MegA. In addition, you can conveniently place an order through numerous online merchants for home delivery.

  • Magnet Herbal Tea – PX Mart/Carrefour

The complete Magnet Herbal Tea series can be located at PX Mart and Carrefour in the aisle predominantly stocked with coffee and brewing products.

  • Magnet Herbal Tea – POYA

POYA is a retailer popular among females that stock Magnet’s herbal tea range within the snack sections of their stores and also online through their website.

  • Magnet Herbal Tea – Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, SOGO department stores, and MegA

Magnet Herbal Tea can be purchased at the counter of the vanilla market “Just Herb”. In addition to buying herbal tea bags, there are also home fragrances and natural skin care products of the same brand.

  • Magnet Herbal Tea – Bókè lái

That’s right! Magnet Herbal Tea is also sold on Bókè lái, and after placing an order, you can select a designated convenience store to receive your item ready for pickup.


Customer Reviews of Magnet Herbal Tea on PTT

Magnet Herbal Tea has a history of 26 years in Taiwan, which can be said to be Taiwan’s herbal tea ancestor. In addition to drinking herbal tea to relieve stress and keep healthy, herbal tea is also commonly consumed for weight loss intent as Magnet Herbal Tea is calories-free, and hot beverages promote increased metabolism; online commenters are also enthusiastically sharing about herbal tea after meals assisting the stomach and intestines to digest and refresh without a burden!

There are also many people who share that they cannot drink tea during pregnancy, ignorant to the fact that natural herbal tea is a sure alternative. After trying a lot of different brands of herbal teas, Magnet’s blueberry fruit tea is found to be a common favourite. Fresh blueberries are used to preserve the shape, and the fragrance of flowers and fruits are achieved through natural drying, which is highly recommended.

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Pay attention to the following before purchasing herbal tea

People often ask, is herbal tea suitable for pregnant women, or can it be suitably consumed whilst on medication? The fact is that herbal tea can be safely consumed daily (yet moderately) to relieve physical and mental stress. When buying herbal tea, it is important to pay attention to where the herbs have been sourced, and whether or not they have been produced organically.

The storage method of herbal tea needs to be paid attention to, as dried organic material including herbs and flowers are prone to rotting from moisture in the air. Loose herbal tea, or bulk quantities of tea bags must be stored in airtight jars once opened.

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Amidst the whispers of delight and wonder, the Magnet Tea Reviews reflect the symphony of praises for this exceptional blend. Like a tapestry woven with admiration, the testimonials recount the enchanting experiences of tea enthusiasts, whose hearts are captivated by the tea’s alluring aroma and soul-soothing properties.


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Benefits of drinking herbal tea

Herbal tea can mediate mental stress, ease emotions, relieve depression, and maintain skin with long term consumption leading to improved complexion.

Herbal tea has no calories, but it offers a subtle taste. During the weight loss period, apart from plain water, you can also cold brew herbal tea, making the act of drinking water simpler. It adds a delightful fragrance to both sight and smell, along with the sweet and aromatic flavor of herbal tea. Even many doctors recommend consuming herbal tea as it helps replenish energy, strengthens the body, and is not affected by caffeine. Nowadays, herbal tea comes in convenient triangular tea bags, making it easy to purchase and brew, even in the busy workplace life.

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