Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea Benefits & Recipe


What is Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea? Can I drink it everyday? Is there anyone who is not suitable for drinking Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea? What health problems can be solved by drinking Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea? What are the benefits to the body? How to combine red jujubes and wolfberries?

I believe that many lovers of wolfberry and red jujubes must be familiar with Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea. This article is to help you understand the effects of Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea, how to make it, what the suitable constitutions are, and whether it can be consumed every day. This article will give you the most comprehensive introduction. Let’s start today’s article!


What is Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea?

What are the Benefits of Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea?

Everyone knows that red jujubes have the effect of nourishing blood, so some people say that eating a few red jujubes every day can maintain beauty.

At this time, what would happen if red jujubes were added to wolfberry tea to make Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea? Is it possible to perfectly combine the effects of red jujubes and wolfberry? The following will explain 3 major benefits to the human body when red jujubes are added to wolfberry tea.

We can further talk about the main effects of red jujubes: it can be used clinically to strengthen the spleen and stomach, replenish vitality, nourish blood, soothe the nerves, and treat insomnia and dreaminess.

In addition, the main effects of wolfberry are: enhancing kidney function, nourishing blood, liver and eyes, soothing nerves, moisturising the lungs, eliminating the feeling of thirst, and stopping coughs.

That is to say, for women with anaemia caused by excessive menstrual blood flow, or cold hands and feet, drinking Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea not only will release anger, but will also nourish the body!

Efficacy 1: Increase appetite and stop diarrhoea

For people with a weak spleen and stomach, diarrhoea or fatigue, Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea can significantly improve appetite, replenish vitality and blood, nourish the spleen and stomach, and stop diarrhoea.

Efficacy 2: Nourishing blood and beauty

Beauty is the pursuit of many women, for firmer skin and rosy cheeks, Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea is the first choice, bypassing the expense of beauty clinics. Red dates particularly can nourish blood and help maintain beauty, hence well renowned for dietary and medicinal purposes.

From here, we can know that Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea is very good for replenishing vitality and blood, which is essential for maintaining beauty. If you have the problem of sallow skin, it is recommended that you try drinking Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea, every two days. For women with skin discolouration issues, Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea could be the answer to your problem!

Efficacy 3: Improve sleep quality

Modern people are stressed and prone to insomnia, however, since Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea has the effect of nourishing blood and soothing the nerves, it can naturally assist you in overcoming sleep disruptions.

Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea is health care tea capable of bringing many benefits to the human body. Next time you fancy a cup of herbal tea, consider giving Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea ago to experience a range of unexpected benefits.

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In a symphony of vibrant hues, the luscious red jujubes and plump wolfberries dance together, infusing the tea with their natural sweetness. With every sip of Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea, I am embraced by a wave of warmth and comfort, as the flavors of these nourishing fruits envelop me like a gentle caress, restoring my vitality and rejuvenating my spirit.


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Will Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea increase people’s “internal heat”? – Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea Taboos

Many people wonder if drinking Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea will increase “internal heat”, and the simple fact is that it won’t as long as you consume it at the correct frequency. Here’s an explanation for you of how frequently it should be consumed and how:

The recommended consumption frequency of Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea is once per two days. Exceeding this amount could easily increase “internal heat”!

The sweet and warm nature of red jujubes can replenish vitality, nourish blood and soothe the nerves, and wolfberry itself is a therapeutic tonic. These two medicinal ingredients both also play a role in promoting blood circulation.

It should be noted that when you drink too much Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea, “internal heat” can easily increase and make you feel unwell. If this occurs, there is no need to panic, just simply stop drinking it for a few days. If you are a person with a cold constitution, anaemia, cold hands and feet, you may experience different results!

  • People with cold constitution: Drinking Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea easily increases “internal heat”, we suggest reducing the amount of red jujubes and wolfberries.
  • People with anaemia or cold hands and feet: Drinking Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea will not easily increase “internal heat”. You can add more red jujubes and wolfberries under normal circumstances.

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What are the precautions for Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea?

  1. Cut the red jujubes before proceeding to the next step of brewing.
  2. If you have a severely dry mouth or “internal heat” after staying up late, you can add 1-2 white chrysanthemums to your tea.
  3. Do not consume immediately after pouring boiling water, as allowing the wolfberry and red jujube to be fully soaked will better the effect.

How to make Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea?

There are quite a variety of Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea brewing methods, and there are also methods for brewing wolfberry with honey and rock sugar. Let’s check them out together!

The most common way to make Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea as follows:

  1. Take 20-30 grains of wolfberries, and 3-4 red jujubes.
  2. Combine wolfberries and red dates directly into a glass, and brew with boiling water.

How to make honey Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea?

Ingredients to prepare: handful of wolfberries + 5-6 red dates

  1. Boil ingredients together, simmer for 5 minutes, then reboil.
  2. Add a little rock sugar and honey, stir quickly, then serve.

How to make rock sugar Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea?

  1. First, wash the red jujubes and wolfberries separately and soak them for a while.
  2. Blend together with an appropriate amount of water.
  3. Use a strainer to remove pulp residue.
  4. Boil red jujubes and wolfberry juice with rock sugar, and enjoy.

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In the union of vibrant red jujubes and succulent wolfberries, a symphony of flavors dances on the palate, awakening the senses to a delightful symphony of sweetness and tanginess. With each sip of Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea, I am transported to a realm of bliss, where the rejuvenating properties of these fruits envelop me in a warm embrace, nourishing my body and uplifting my spirit with their vibrant energy.


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When red jujubes are added to wolfberry tea, three major benefits will be added to the human body, namely an increased appetite, blood nourishment, beauty retention, and improved sleep quality.

In addition, for people with weak spleen and stomach, diarrhoea or fatigue, there will be more obvious improvements. The fondness of Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea is quite self explanatory, however please keep in mind that Red Jujube Wolfberry Tea is recommended to be consumed in moderation in order to reap the full beneficial extent as excess consumption could cause damage to some constituents.

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