Twinings Earl Grey Tea Comparison – Lady vs. Royal?

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Throughout the history of tea, different teas have evolved by combining tea blends, known as compound tea. For instance, adding essential oils, implementing incense techniques, or directly adding fruits or petals, etc., create different flavours and changes, allowing us to have more choices. Many people will want to ask, Earl Grey is just Earl Grey, why are there so many types of Earl Grey? What is the difference between Lady Earl Grey and Royal Earl Grey? Today, I will inform you about not only Earl Grey, but also the comparison and introduction of Twinings!

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What is Twinings?

The introduction of TWININGS Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey tea is a tea brew based on Qimen black tea or Lapsang Souchong and paired with Ceylon black tea. After adding the aroma of citrus, it becomes the Earl Grey tea, which is a compound flavoured tea. As for why Earl Grey exists? In fact, Twinings is the brand which invented Earl Grey tea in 1831, and then developed different flavouring methods, and hence, various names appeared, such as Royal Earl and Lady Earl.

Next, let us elaborate on the differences and flavour changes of different Earl Grey teas!

“Surely a pretty woman never looks prettier than when making tea.” – Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley’s Secret

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Tea Classroom – Twinings

Comparison of Various Twinings Earl Grey Teas

After learning about Twinings Earl Grey, we already know that there are many flavours. Let’s take a look at their characteristics.

Twinings Royal Earl Grey

Twinings Royal Earl Grey is currently the most common Earl Grey in Taiwan, and it is also a preferred taste of many Taiwanese. Moreover, at the beginning of the establishment of Earl Grey, the first type of tea was Twinings Royal Earl Grey. At the same time, Royal Earl Grey was also the main contributor to the development of the tea series and became popular all over the streets.

Royal Earl Grey is well known to everyone, and the tea itself is very rich, yet has the fresh aroma of bergamot. By just opening the tea bag, you can smell the fragrance, and after brewing, the entire room is full of fragrance, and the aroma is strong in the mouth. The aroma of black tea will preferentially touch the tip of the tongue, and after drinking, it will leave a fresh and elegant bergamot aftertaste. If you want to drink black tea, you must not miss this tea.

Twinings Lady’s Earl Grey

Twinings Lady’s Earl Grey tastes more delicate than Royal Earl Grey, as restrained as a lady. In addition to black tea leaves, there are citrus peels contained to enhance the fragrance, so it has the sweet aroma of orange and lemon. In addition to the aroma of black tea, you can feel the aroma of citrus as you breathe. However, it should be noted that the tea bags are only suitable for brewing with hot water, and should be taken out regularly. If they are steeped for too long, they will have a bitter and astringent taste.

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Do you know Twinings?

The functions of Twinings Earl Grey tea

Twinings Earl Grey tea is not only popular, but also has many functions that can assist us.

Uplifting spirit

Black tea contains caffeine, which has the function of making the cerebral cortex secrete, stimulates our spiritual centre and achieves a refreshing effect. However, it will not be as stimulating as green tea or coffee due to its lower concentration of caffeine. Even if you drink Earl Grey tea in the afternoon, you don’t have to worry about not being able to sleep at night.

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Lower blood sugar

Earl Grey tea has the effect of controlling blood sugar and helps regulate the concentration of cholesterol in our blood. However, it should be noted that if you want to lower blood sugar, the Earl Grey tea mentioned here must be unsweetened.

Stable the emotion

Everyone knows that the aroma of tea leaves can stabilise our emotions, and the citrus contained in Earl Grey tea can bring a calming effect. If you feel depressed and stressed, have a cup of Earl Grey tea to relax your mind.

Accelerates fat metabolism

Twinings Earl Grey tea can help our body lower triglycerides so that calories can be consumed quickly. In addition, it can increase good cholesterol. Have a cup of Twinings Earl Grey tea before exercising to accelerate calorie consumption. It can also help prevent cardiovascular disease and prevent fat from accumulating in blood vessels.

Prevent cancer

Black tea leaves contain tea polyphenols and vitamins, which are good antioxidants that help reduce free radicals in the body. In addition to anti-aging effects, it can also prevent cell lesions caused by free radicals, such as cancer, tumours, and so on.

Protect teeth

Twinings Earl Grey Tea is rich in catechins and fluorine, which can help us achieve antioxidants and prevent bacterial infection in the oral cavity, thereby achieving the effect of preventing tooth decay.

“A cup of tea makes everything better.” – Author unknown

The method of making Twinings Earl Grey tea

The brewing method of Twinings Earl Grey tea is very simple. If you follow the steps below, you can also use these steps as a foundation to brew your favourite tea with the appropriate ratio. I believe you can brew your own golden ratio Twinings Earl Grey tea.

  1. Warming the pot: Use hot water to warm up the required utensils, including teapots, teacups, strainers, etc., so that the aroma of Twinings Earl Grey tea can be completely released.
  2. Add the tea leaves: Place an appropriate amount of Earl Grey tea leaves into a teapot, the ratio of tea to water is 2g : 250ml.
  3. Brewing: Brew the tea leaves with boiling water of about 95 degrees. Be careful not to make the water too hot to prevent the tea from becoming bitter.
  4. Sitting: Twinings Earl Grey tea is usually left sitting to filter for about 3 to 4 minutes. If you think the taste is too strong or too weak, you can adjust the time accordingly.
  5. Blending: Some people like to add milk, sugar or creamer to Twinings Earl Grey tea, which can be blended in accordance with personal preferences.

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