2023 Nantou Tea Expo – Taiwan’s Biggest Tea Festival

Nantou Tea Expo

The 2023 Nantou Tea Expo, Taiwan’s largest tea event, officially opens on October 7th. This annual extravaganza, held at the end of each year, is a significant celebration in Taiwan’s tea community, attracting over 700,000 tea enthusiasts from around the world.

Nantou County, with its vast tea cultivation area and diverse tea varieties, boasts abundant local resources, making it the perfect host for this tea-centric event. Through this yearly tea industry gathering, Taiwan aims to promote its thriving tea industry, inviting tea lovers to explore, purchase, taste, and experience tea culture while enjoying the picturesque landscapes of Nantou.

The 13th Nantou Tea Expo: The 13th edition of the Tea Expo kicks off on the first day of the National Day holiday, allowing people to visit Nantou’s Zhongxing New Village during the holiday season. Taiwan has a rich tea culture and world-class tea production techniques.

However, recent shifts in tea consumption habits, favoring bubble tea over traditional tea brewing, have posed challenges to Taiwan’s high-quality tea market. Nevertheless, Taiwan’s tea-making expertise and reputation remain highly regarded in the global tea community, reflecting both exceptional quality and diverse tea flavors.

南投茶業博覽會Nantou Tea Expo

What is Nantou Tea Expo?

Nantou Tea Expo Key Highlights

Tea-drinking is an integral part of Chinese history and culture, with a tradition spanning over 5,000 years. Taiwan’s tea history is equally rich, with various tea varieties available for tasting across the island.

For example, northern Taiwan offers Pinglin Wenshan Paochong tea and Tie Guanyin, and Oriental Beauty tea. while the central mountainous regions are known for the famous Lugu Dong Ding Oolong tea, high mountain tea, Mingjian Song Bo Longjing tea, and Puli Yuchi Assam tea. In the south, you can find unique harbor teas. Each region’s tea has distinct characteristics, contributing to the diversity of Taiwan’s tea industry.

Organizers of the Nantou Tea Expo

The Nantou Tea Expo is primarily organized by the Nantou County Government, in collaboration with the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and the Luguxiang Farmers’ Association. In 2023, the event adopts the theme “Enjoying Tea with the Rabbit,” featuring an array of activities. The expo not only showcases various tea products but also offers a coffee section and a delightful food section. Visitors can expect a rich selection of booths and diverse activities at the Nantou Tea Expo.

Each day, there are cultural performances and events, including a thousand-person tea gathering, music tea parties, international tea exhibitions, aroma-based experiences, traditional tea roasting, and hand-weighed tea demonstrations.

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Amidst the emerald hills of Nantou, where tea leaves dance in the gentle breeze, the Nantou Tea Expo unfolds like a fragrant sonnet, celebrating the artistry of Taiwan’s tea culture. Here, the symphony of tea artisans and nature’s grace compose a serenade that lingers in your heart, inviting you to immerse in the enchantment of the leaf.

南投茶業博覽會Nantou Tea Expo

Tea Classroom – Nantou Tea Expo

2023 Nantou Tea Expo Distinctive Exhibition Zones

The expo features three main areas with 28 thematic pavilions. In addition to the popular pavilions from previous years, this year introduces the Nantou Youth Farmers’ Pavilion, Taiwan Heritage Tea Pavilion, and Taiwan Tea Technology and Flavor Specialty Pavilion.

Skilled Taiwanese tea artisans demonstrate their expertise at the expo, emphasizing respect for topography, climate, and ecology in tea cultivation. The art of tea-making, refined over time, is showcased for visitors to choose, brew, serve, and savor tea. Each cup of tea reflects a unique flavor, inviting attendees to engage with tea artisans and experts.

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  • 2023 Nantou Tea Expo – Organic Tea Theme Pavilion

The Organic Tea Theme Pavilion showcases “Organic Island Teas” with the participation of 101 organic tea growers. The theme, “Blessings from Taiwan,” promotes sustainability and blesses the world with Taiwan’s organic teas. Organic Island Teas explore Taiwan’s diverse tea culture by highlighting the connections between climate, land, people, and tea.

Different regions in Taiwan produce various tea flavors due to their unique environmental characteristics. To further enrich the experience, ten organic teas are paired with ten distinct philosophies, demonstrating that tea appreciation goes beyond taste—it’s a way of life with different philosophical attitudes.

  • 2023 Nantou Tea Expo – Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Pavilion

This pavilion showcases the pride of Puli, Nantou, locally produced Sun Moon Lake black tea, featuring four distinct zones:

  1. Black Tea Theme Zone: Introduces the flavor profiles and characteristics of large-leaf black tea.
  2. Director’s Choice Zone: Showcases the finest products and exclusive discounts.
  3. Interactive Tasting Zone: Allows visitors to taste and take home four major tea varieties.
  4. Influencer Worthy Zone: Features creative black tea-themed installations for stunning photo opportunities.
  • 2023 Nantou Tea Expo – Taiwan Tea Technology and Flavor Specialty Pavilion

This pavilion focuses on two main themes: “Agricultural Technology” and “Taiwan’s Unique Teas.” It provides information on Taiwan’s tea industry technology and showcases TAGs (Taiwan Tea Classification and Grading System) flavor wheels to help visitors better understand the integration of tea and technology.

Aroma experiences offer a sensory journey into the natural fragrance of Taiwan’s teas.

1. Aroma Experience: Guests are welcomed with the fragrance of tea, creating a tranquil atmosphere for visitors to experience the natural aroma of Taiwan’s teas.
2. Research Achievements Showcase: Highlights the significant research accomplishments in Taiwan’s tea industry, including tea origin identification techniques and the TAGs tea classification and grading system.

  • 2023 Nantou Tea Expo – Six Senses of Tea

At the Six Senses of Tea Pavilion, visitors have the opportunity to learn the basics of tea preparation with the guidance of dedicated tea art instructors. With complete tea sets available, participants are taught how to use basic tea-making utensils and experience the tea brewing process from the perspective of the provider.

Beyond tea preparation, the pavilion offers activities such as tea facial masks and spa treatments, allowing visitors to engage with tea through different senses.

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Strict Screening for Authenticity:

The Nantou World Tea Expo has been held since 2010, but it was canceled in the previous year due to the severe pandemic situation. Upon its return, the expo has introduced new regulations to ensure authenticity. It now enforces a three-year ban on exhibitors who attempt to showcase teas from non-Taiwanese tea-producing regions such as China and Vietnam.

The goal is to maintain the expo’s reputation for exclusively featuring genuine Taiwanese teas. The organizers, together with rigorous screening processes, require exhibitors to meet specific qualifications, including production traceability, organic certification, and production and sales records. This initiative ensures that visitors can confidently purchase high-quality Taiwanese teas at the Nantou World Tea Expo.

2023 Nantou Tea Expo – Event Information

【Event Date】October 7th to October 15th, 2023
【Event Hours】09:00~17:00
【Exhibition and sales time】(1) Weekdays-09:00~17:00 (2) Holidays-09:00~18:00
【Event Location】中興新村(中興會堂、中興大操場、青少年活動中心)Zhongxing New Village (Zhongxing Hall, Zhongxing Main Field, Youth Activity Center)

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In the heart of Nantou’s emerald tea fields, where leaves whisper secrets to the wind, lies the enchanting Nantou Tea Expo, a symphony of flavors and culture that dances upon the taste buds of all who venture here.


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