Top 5 Oriental Beauty Tea Benefits – Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite


Oriental Beauty Tea is a famous hand-picked oolong tea from Taiwan, containing 1 bud for every 2 leaves. Because the tea leaves have obvious white tips, it is also called white tip tea. Oriental Beauty Tea has many aliases, such as Baihao Oolong Tea, Blowing Bull Tea, Pongfeng Tea, Fushou Tea, Fanzhuang Oolong Tea, Champagne Oolong Tea and Baijian Tea. Oriental Beauty Tea is unroasted, heavily fermented, highly oxidised and tastes of honey-floral.

The most unique feature of Oriental Beauty Tea is that it is free of pesticides to deliberately encourage little green leafhoppers to bite the tea leaves. Tea leaves bitten by insects produce a distinctive honey aroma and sweet taste due to natural chemical reactions. Also known as Xiaozai tea and Zingzai tea (“Xiaozai” aka the little green leafhopper), it was initially used to produce primarily oolong tea, and later extended to red oolong tea.

茶葉 Tea

What is Oriental Beauty Tea?

What is Oriental Beauty Tea
?Where is the main origin of Taiwan?

Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea comes from the mild and pleasant hills of Hsinchu County, Taiwan, which is most suitable for growing tea. Early immigrants from China planted tea trees in Hsinchu during the Ming Dynasty, later evolving into the Oriental Beauty variety we know today.

Summer attracts insects that feed on tea leaves in Taiwanese tea gardens by sucking the juice from the tea leaves, resulting in oxidation. Prior to this discovery, tea growers were very worried and oblivious to the fact that by allowing nature to take its course, tea leaves in this instance would emit a unique honey aroma.

Taiwan’s tea industry has long referred to Oriental Beauty Tea in the Hsinchu area as “tea gold”, so much so that an entire TV series has been made based on this concept. 

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Oriental Beauty Tea is 70% fermented hand-picked oolong, and since the tea gardens of source are not sprayed with pesticides, it also falls into the organic category.

The tea gardens of Oriental Beauty Tea are located at an average altitude of about 1100 metres, surrounded by lush mountains with sufficient humidity and sunshine, making it very appealing on the market. The highest quality Oriental Beauty teas have tender white leaves and deep red leaves, and generally fetch higher prices.

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Oriental Beauty Tea: Like the first light of dawn, Oriental Beauty Tea unfolds its tender leaves in a delicate ballet of flavors. It’s the fragrant essence of nature, captured in a teacup, a love song to the tranquil gardens where it thrives.

茶葉 Tea

Tea Classroom – Oriental Beauty Tea

The Benefits and Advantages of Oriental Beauty Tea

Oriental beauty tea is nutritionally rich in polyphenols, catechins, flavonoids, vitamins (D, C, K, E, B6, B1, B3, B12), phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, and zinc. In particular, it is good for the digestive and cardiovascular systems, lowers blood cholesterol, prevents cancer, strengthens the immune system, normalises blood pressure, and even promotes dental care.

  • Improves Digestion – Oriental Beauty Tea Benefit1

Polyphenols and caffeine can boost metabolism. Properly drinking Oriental Beauty Tea after meals can help relax the digestive tract and relieve indigestion.

  • Aids in Weight Loss – Oriental Beauty Tea Benefit2

Oriental Beauty Tea is a zero-calorie natural drink. Tea polyphenols, catechins and caffeine can speed up metabolism and reduce fat accumulation.

  • Boost Immunity – Oriental Beauty Tea Benefit3

Antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins can help boost your immune system, fight inflammation, and reduce infection.

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  • Cardiovascular Health – Oriental Beauty Tea Benefit4

Drinking Oriental Beauty Tea can lower cholesterol, while caffeine and antioxidants can speed up metabolism, all of which are beneficial for cardiovascular health.

  • Soothes the Mood – Oriental Beauty Tea Benefit5

Oriental Beauty Tea contains caffeine, which helps focus, and L-theanine can help relax and relieve stress.

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Oriental Beauty Tea Characteristics and Appearance

Oriental Beauty Tea is an Oolong mainly combined with “Qingxin-Dapan”, “Bair Mau Hour”, “Taiwanese tea No. 15”, “Taiwanese tea No. 17”, and for superior quality, “Bair Mau Hour”.

Taiwan is the first country in the world to acknowledge and utilise the benefits of insect bitten tea leaves. Such leaves were ones discarded as fragmented leaves were believed to be not only less superior to complete leaves, but unusable. A blessing in disguise with added clarity by modern science, the chemical effects between the leaves and the leafhoppers have long been correlated.

There are many varieties of Oriental Beauty, and the best comes from the young leaves harvested in summer. The leaves from which Oriental Beauty Tea is made must be strong and fresh enough to withstand repeated rolling and oxidation. Compared with other teas, the bitterness is relatively low, and the brewed tea tastes rich and smooth.

To grow Oriental Beauty Tea, farmers must create a very friendly natural environment for green leafhoppers, free from chemicals to inadvertently create the bright and pure amber coloured Oriental Beauty Tea, world famous for its floral and fruity aroma, and delicate honey flavour.

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Oriental Beauty Tea Taste, Colour, and Characteristics

  1. Strong taste that nourishes the throat
  2. The leaves are naturally curly and flowery in appearance
  3. The tea infusion presents a bright and clear amber colour
  4. The tea aroma has a floral and fruity honey-like sweetness

Is Oriental Beauty Tea related to the Queen of England?

Some sources indicate that Queen Elizabeth II associated Taiwanese specialty oolong tea buds with oriental dancers when first introduced by British businessman John Dodd.

It is also believed that she fell in love with the unforgettable taste of Oriental Beauty Tea, and a short time later named it after her favourite “Oriental Beauty”. Since then, Oriental Beauty Tea has been famous all over the world.

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Oriental Beauty Tea: Within the embrace of dew-kissed tea leaves, Oriental Beauty Tea unfolds like a sweet sonnet, a lyrical dance of nature’s nectar. This enchanting symphony captures the very essence of twilight, a cherished treasure cherished by those who savor its ethereal charm.


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