What Kind of Tea is Right for You? Select Ideal Tea Now!

本命茶 適合的茶

There are thousands of types of teas which can easily cause dilemmas. But tea is tea, so why is it divided into so many categories?

If you are a newbie at making tea, you must have faced the same problem. If you want to drink tea, but do not have any idea where to start, keep reading! Today ABoxTix will teach you how to choose tea according to your preferences so that you can drink it happily!

本命茶 適合的茶

What is the ideal tea?

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This article will provide you with a full rundown of how to drink tea in the smartest and most suitable way. If you still feel that you can’t make a decision after reading this article, you can consult with our tea masters through our website to assist you in discovering the destined tea that belongs to you!

If your desired taste is “fresh”

If a fresh taste is what you are seeking, then the most suitable “destined tea” for you is green tea. Green tea is unfermented tea, so it can retain the original flavours.

When you drink green tea, it is as if it has been plucked from the tea tree, making you feel that every sip is full of life. In addition, the most popular thing about green tea is that it is rich in catechins, which can reduce lipids, prevent cancer and ageing. It tastes better especially after you finish your meal or during the hot summer.

In terms of taste: Alishan alpine green tea has the fragrance of green bamboo shoots and water pears; whereas, Sanxia Biluochun has a slight seaweed fragrance.

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If your desired taste is “mellow”

If a “mellow” taste is your preference, you can try black tea which almost everyone loves. Fully fermented black tea often has a strong fruity aroma, which is also suitable for pairing with fresh milk and jam.

It is also a must-have afternoon tea for many, as it has a strong taste, and is especially suitable for activating the brain in the morning, enough so to even replace coffee. It can be said that black tea is a suitable tea all year round.

In terms of taste, Alishan black tea has the sour aroma of wine, Alishan alpine black tea has the rare red heart guava fragrance; Hongyu black tea has cinnamon and citrus fragrance; Hualien honey-flavoured black tea has sweet aromas of honey and sweet potato. If you fancy these flavours, don’t miss it!

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Ideal tea is a moment of serenity in a chaotic world, a sip of heaven that transports you to a place of peace.

本命茶 適合的茶

Tea Classroom – Ideal Tea

If your desired taste is “mellow”

If you like “mellow” flavours, then you will definitely like oolong tea with a roasted aroma. The fermentation degree of oolong tea is between green tea and black tea, retaining the fresh taste of green tea and the rich taste of black tea.

And according to the degree of fermentation and roasting, oolong tea will show different colours and aromas. Some oolong tea has the aroma of osmanthus, orchid, and some oolong tea has the aroma of sucrose, wood and so on. Oolong tea can be said to be suitable for drinking all year round. Additional information: Shimen Tieguanyin has the aroma of dried longan; Alishan Alpine Jinxuan has the aroma of milk, flowers and fruits; Alishan Mixiang Oolong has the aroma of honey and sweet-scented osmanthus.

If your desired taste is “flowery”

If your preferred taste is “flowery”, you can try the series of tea from ABoxTik. We have selected fine-textured tea leaves as the base, which has a fresh taste, flowery fragrance, and sweet aftertaste.

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本命茶 適合的茶

If your desired taste is “colourful”

If your preferred taste is “colourful”, special teas of ABoxTik will be very suitable for you to try. We have carefully selected natural bases to make tea products with rich flavours, so that you can enjoy it all year round, anytime, anywhere.

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If you desire a “peaceful sleep”

If you like drinking tea but worry about not being able to sleep, try decaffeinated tea. After drinking decaffeinated tea, your sleep quality will not be affected, so you can drink comfortably. For more information, see “Top 10 Best Decaffeinated Teas & Benefits “. This article will have the most detailed introduction.

The taste introduction: black bean wheat tea is made with organic black beans from Changhua and organic wheat from Chiayi, so it has a grainy aroma and does not contain caffeine; Taitung’s Roselle, Nantou’s sweet-scented osmanthus, and roses that do not contain caffeine, which lets off a fruity aroma that females like very much.

Lastly, if you still don’t know how to select a tea that suits you, or you want to experience every type of tea, you might as well refer to ABoxTik. “ABoxTik Classical Tea Series” and “ABoxTik Premium Herbal Tea Series”, which contain a variety of different tea products so that you can discover your favourite tea after experiencing long tea tasting sessions!

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The ideal tea is a reflection of the world at its best—a harmony of flavor, aroma, and texture that nourishes the body and soul.

本命茶 適合的茶

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The above is an introduction to the taste of teas, and I believe that now you have read it, you will be able to improve your knowledge of tea taste and be capable of choosing the most suitable tea for yourself. You might as well refer to the “ABoxTik Tea Series” and “ABoxTik Herbal Tea Series”. Anyone who takes advantage of these series can find out their destined tea style. I believe you can also realise the beauty of drinking tea and the elegance of tea culture!

ABoxTik will continue to bring everyone different tea knowledge, including history and various analyses of tea culture. In hopes for everyone to acquire a better understanding of tea, please read through our articles. If you are interested in various tea cultures, as well as the history and knowledge of tea, you are welcome to explore more secrets of tea with ABoxTik products. Continue to follow our article updates, and visit our official website!