Top 10 Tea Gift Boxes – A World Tour of Exquisite Teas


High-quality tea producers from all over the world have their own signature tea gift boxes which are always well received. Regardless of the origin, or whether its black, green, or oolong tea, tea gift boxes are much loved as each brings a new experience, particularly from the distinct packaging and the stories behind each brand.

The following tea shops have very long historical significance, and in addition to tasting their delicious tea on the spot, there are a range of gift boxes to choose from. Let us introduce to you some of the most premium tea gift boxes that Europe and Asia has to offer.

Exquisite Tea

What is Exquisite Tea?

Exquisite Tea Guide – Exquisite European Tea Gift Boxes

  • Mariage Frères : Paris – Exquisite Tea 1

Mariage Frères is a French tea company, headquartered in Paris, founded on June 1, 1854 by brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage. Over 500 of the most exquisite boutique teas in the world are displayed in their stores, all of which are innovative and of unrivalled quality.

As well as savouring the ultimate premium teas (such as Coup De Soleil vanilla black tea with caramel and wild strawberry essences) fine French confectionary can be paired.

  • AC Perchs : Copenhagen – Exquisite Tea 2

Established in 1835, AC Perchs is one of the oldest tea shops in the world. This tea shop is a tranquil two-story tea room in the heart of Copenhagen. Here you can sample more than 130 high-quality boutique tea varieties, including some inspired by famous Danish figures, such as the Prince of Denmark blend or the fairytale flavour created in memory of Hans Christian Andersen.

Brand quote: “The first cup of tea quenches your thirst; the second cup of tea makes your loneliness disappear; the third cup of tea dissolves your sorrows and worries; the fourth cup of tea purifies your soul; the fifth cup raises your spirit to immortality gods.”

  • ‘t Zonnetje : Amsterdam – Exquisite Tea 3

‘t Zonnetje has been serving tea, coffee and spices (thee, koffie en kruiden) since 1642. What makes this boutique tea shop so fascinating is the many antique tea vessels and variety of tea options on display.

  • Palais des Thés : Belgium – Exquisite Tea 4

With over 20 stores around the world, Palais des Thés is a very large purveyor of tea. With an exclusive boutique tea shop in Brussels, you can sample classic loose varieties, bulk premium leaves and signature blends such as Thé Du Hammam green tea with rose, dates, berries and orange blossom water, or Thé Des Amants black tea with ginger, cinnamon and vanilla spice.

  • Camellia’s : London – Exquisite Tea 5

Celebrate the British tradition of drinking tea and its healing properties in this quirky British salon. Camellia’s showcases over 100 healthy tea blends and handcrafted herbal teas, as well as lovely teaware and accessories from around the world. The famous afternoon tea service includes artisanal sweets, scones and finger sandwiches.

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Exquisite Tea, an orchestra of tastes, harmoniously composed from the finest tea gardens where each leaf tells a whispered tale of nature’s beauty. Encased in opulent packaging, every sip becomes a sonnet, a luxurious journey for the senses.

Exquisite Tea

Exquisite Classroom – Asia Exquisite Tea Box

Exquisite Tea Guide – Asia’s Exquisite Tea Gift Boxes

  • 湖心亭茶樓 Huxinting Teahouse : Shanghai – Exquisite Tea 6

Nestled in the middle of Koi Lake, this famous Shanghai landmark (known as China’s No. 1 Teahouse) has a 145-year history. When visiting Huxinting Tea House, you must cross a winding bridge to experience the classic green, jasmine, and scented teas. Along with breathtaking scenery and weekly musical performances, delicious sweet and savoury treats can be paired with your tea.

  • 王德傳茶莊 Wang De Chuan tea house : Taiwan – Exquisite Tea 7

Wang De Chuan tea house is a family-owned tea shop with a century-old history, dedicated to interpreting tea through contemporary Taiwanese culture. This newest branch is sleek and modern, and serves up many teas like green, oolong, black, and rich milk teas, unique cold brew teas and freshly baked pastries.

  • TWG Tea Salon & Boutique : Singapore – Exquisite Tea 8

TWG (The Wellness Group) is an international tea institution, bringing together quality retail outlets and exquisite tea rooms around the world. The flagship salon in Singapore offers exclusive tea blends, signature tea treats and handcrafted pastries in a luxurious setting.

  • Ippodo : Kyoto – Exquisite Tea 9

For nearly 300 years, Ippodo Tea Company has been producing the highest quality Japanese Green Tea. Now, its carefully bred premium varieties are available in retail outlets around the world. Ippodo’s main store in central Kyoto also features an in-store Kaboku tea room and hands-on workshops to encourage people to learn about Japanese tea culture.

  • 明茶房MingCha : Hong Kong – Exquisite Tea 10

MingCha is Chinese handmade tea. Known as a hidden gem in Hong Kong, this teahouse often hosts traditional wine tastings, workshops and events. MingCha’s selection of high-quality teas include black, dark,green and aromatic oolong. Here you can touch, eat, smell and taste the tea, and experience the different aspects of tea from multiple angles.

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Taiwan’s Fine Tea Brand Recommendation – ABoxTik

Taiwan’s alpine tea is praised all over the world, and such excellent tea is definitely the first choice for souvenirs. The biggest feature of ABoxTik is that the tea produced by small independent farmers in Taiwan is available in convenient triangular tea bags, and can be mixed and matched to your personal preference.

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  • Carefully selected Taiwan classic tea – Taiwan Tea Brand Recommendation

ABoxTik has a variety of authentic Taiwanese teas, each of which are carefully planted by Taiwanese tea farmers and produced by the skillful hands of tea makers. In addition to the most famous oolong tea in Taiwan, popular tea bags such as Jinxuan and Dongding are also readily available.

  • Triangular three-dimensional tea bag. Super convenient for brewing on the go – Taiwan Tea Brand Recommendation

ABoxTik’s tea gift boxes are packed with triangular tea bags, which allows the tea leaves room to stretch after brewing. Suitable for all occasions, such affordable luxury can be enjoyed with anyone, anywhere, at any time!

  • Luxurious Simple Design – Taiwan Tea Brand Recommendation

The gift-giving process without losing etiquette makes each tea gift box the best helper to convey your heart. With ABoxTik’s high standard of sourcing local tea and packaging it tastefully, your next gift purchase is surely to impress.

  • Online ordering is super convenient. Home delivery conveys the gift box. – Taiwan Tea Brand Recommendation

In this fast-paced era, being able to convey the thought of gift-giving immediately can break the barrier of distance. Whether it is a gift for the Chinese New Year or one of the three Taiwanese festivals, you can place an order online for those closest to you.

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In a realm of flavor, Exquisite Tea reigns supreme, a poetry of taste born from the delicate whisperings of tea leaves in idyllic gardens. Nestled within resplendent packaging, each cup unveils a narrative, a serenade to the soul.


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Taiwan tea gift box recommendation – Exquisite gift box

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