12 Zodiac Tea: Sip Your Destiny with Exclusive Blends!


Explore Over 100 Tea Blends: Find Your Zodiac Tea Match! Every individual has a perfect tea match, tailored to different personalities and traits. We’ve curated tea blends aligned with each of the 12 zodiac signs. Consider these blends for gifting to friends and discover which tea suits your star sign best!

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12 Zodiac Tea

Zodiac Tea – 12 Unique Tea Blends

Zodiac Tea⭐Aries (3/21 – 4/20): Jinxuan Oolong Tea

Passionate, proactive, and confident are some of Aries’ characteristics. Aries individuals are always moving forward and dislike procrastination. They express themselves directly and prefer achieving their goals in an efficient manner. The rich and creamy Jinxuan Oolong Tea is perfect for the enthusiastic Aries.

Jinxuan Oolong Tea is a pure tea without excessive roasting, a classic and unique Taiwanese tea that many fall in love with at first sip, much like the lively and passionate Aries. Once you get to know it, you’ll love its character. The perfect tea for Aries is Jinxuan Oolong Tea.

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In the cosmic tapestry, Aries dances with the stars, a celestial firebrand fueled by passion, painting the night sky with strokes of fearless ardor.

Zodiac Tea⭐Taurus (April 21-May 21): Tongding Oolong Tea

Taurus exudes grace in every move and are the most consistent performers of all time which makes Tongding Oolong the perfect match. Tongding Oolong Tea is smooth with a lasting aftertaste, perfectly complementing the calm nature of Taurus.

Taurus are firm and reliable to those around them, always patient and courageous to take responsibility, just like how Tongding Oolong tea doesn’t deplete after being brewed multiple times.

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Taurus, an earthly serenade, where steadfast determination blooms into a garden of stability, and the constellations themselves bow to the resolute beauty of the bull.

Zodiac Tea⭐Gemini (May 22-June 21): Stress Relief Lemon Tea

Geminis always maintain a high level of excitement and pleasure in their life, learn quickly by accepting new things, treat others with a particularly kind and gentle personality, and always embrace anyone without hesitation, much like Stress Relief Lemon Tea.

The refreshing lemon-flavoured tea has a pure, natural and healthy flavour, just like a Gemini, which can relieve boredom and stress in life.

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Gemini, the cosmic twins, pirouette through the celestial ballet, exchanging whispers with the galaxies, a dance of duality echoing through the cosmic expanse.

Zodiac Tea⭐Cancer (June 22-July 22): Golden Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea

Just like the most common Chrysanthemum tea that can bring people a sense of calm, family-loving Cancer seeks everything in peace, finding it difficult to get out of their comfort zone, and rather familiar routines than challenges.

Golden Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea is highly soothing, like it was specially designed for Cancer! No matter what the situation is, Cancer will always be by their loved one’s side. Perhaps the taste is not the most prominent, but the presence of reassurance surely is.

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In the lunar embrace, Cancer cradles the moon’s silver tears, weaving constellations into a celestial quilt, stitching the night with a nurturing touch.

Zodiac Tea⭐Leo (July 23-August 21): Yingxiang Oolong Tea

Leo’s are always full of vitality and have extraordinary personal charm, and are not stingy to show their own advantages to others, just like Yingxiang! Yingxiang Oolong Tea is a fresh pioneering taste within the Oolong category, subverting taste experiences from the past.

Leo’s occasionally have a bit of innate self-confidence and pride, and are always full of courage and strength, just like the orchid fragrance of Yingxiang Oolong.

In addition, Yingxiang Oolong tea has excellent disease and drought resistance no matter from high mountains or flat areas, which is exactly the same as Leo’s firm and enthusiastic feeling.

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Leo, a regal silhouette in the astral kingdom, commands the night with a roar that echoes through galaxies, a sovereign of cosmic realms.

Zodiac Tea⭐Virgo (August 22-September 23): Honey Red Oolong tea

Everyone knows that Virgos pay great attention to detail in everything they do, always choose practical, logical and perfect options, and the adjectives that suit them are definitely hardworking, analytical, pragmatic and loyal.

Honey Red Oolong tea is rich in health benefits. It was developed and launched by Taitung Agricultural Reform Farm. Just like a Virgo’s attitude towards everything, a decision is made after very careful research and analysis.

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Virgo, a celestial artisan, sculpts perfection from stardust, each constellation a meticulous masterpiece, a testament to the cosmic craftsmanship.

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Zodiac Tea⭐Libra (9/24 – 10/23): Royal Peppermint Stress Relief Tea

Balance is the way of life for Libra. They are the seekers of peace in the world. Royal Peppermint Stress Relief Tea achieves a perfect balance in its flavor, not too sweet and not too bitter. The perfectly balanced taste fills your body, mind, and soul with delight. Libra is the gentlest and sweetest zodiac sign, always carrying a kind and friendly attitude.

Librans are known for their high attractiveness, combining a good personality with exceptional looks. Libra deserves a cup of tea with a royal touch, and what better than the Royal Peppermint Stress Relief Tea?

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In the cosmic ballroom, Libra waltzes between star clusters, orchestrating balance, and harmony, a celestial dance where equilibrium is the grandest art.

Zodiac Tea⭐Scorpio (October 24-November 22): Jade Oolong Tea

If there’s one word that can describe a Scorpio, it’s focus. Scorpios always pay attention to their goals and are not easily distracted, just like the stability of Green Jade.

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Scorpio, a celestial sorcerer, weaves tales in the cosmic cauldron, where passion brews into constellations, and mystery is etched in the starry script.

Zodiac Tea⭐Sagittarius (November 23-December 22): Galaxy Starshine Relaxing Tea

Sagittarius has an innate sense of humour, always makes people around them happy, is generous with friends, and doesn’t take life too seriously. Galaxy Starshine Relaxing tea with lemon verbena, lemongrass, and stevia is the ideal tea to bring Sagittarius utter happiness. Tonight, replace wine with tea and immerse yourself in the beauty of the stars and moon.

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Sagittarius, an arrow of wanderlust, pierces the night sky, seeking the undiscovered realms, a cosmic archer chasing the trails of infinity.

Zodiac Tea⭐Capricorn (December 23-January 20): Palace Stress Relief Tea

Some people say that the strict discipline of Capricorn is unbelievable, and when determined, anything can be perfectly implemented. Give such a conscientious Capricorn a cup of Palace Stress Relief Tea.

This cup of natural herbal tea is rich in herbal ingredients, which can gently relax Capricorns a little. Recommended for Capricorns who always value family and are strict with themselves.

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Capricorn, the mountain guardian of constellations, scales celestial peaks, each step etching determination into the starry ascent, a cosmic climber in pursuit of cosmic heights.

Zodiac Tea⭐Aquarius (January 21-February 19): Dong Pian Sìjìchūn Tea

Aquarius is the most creative constellation sign. Although they are always labelled as quiet, shy, and eccentric, Aquarians don’t seem to care at all. They love the strange, just like Dong Pian Four Seasons tea, which only grows during the brief reappearance of winter.

The rare quantity is extremely precious, and it is this peculiarity that creates the most unique tea in the world.

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Aquarius, a cosmic aqueduct, pours celestial wisdom into the night, each droplet a spark of innovation, a stellar stream of enlightenment.

Zodiac Tea⭐Pisces (February 20-March 20): Afternoon Stress Relief Herbal Tea

Pisces has an empathetic and warm soul, and the caffeine-free, Afternoon Stress Relief Herbal Tea is their best representative.

Herbal teas are very delicate in nature, and although it is just a cup of tea, it contains many different flavours, just like Pisces’ compassion, artistic temperament, intuition, gentleness, wisdom and helpfulness.

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In the cosmic ocean, Pisces swims between starry currents, fins trailing constellations, a celestial dance where dreams merge with the ebb and flow of galaxies.

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