Tea Bag Recommendations: Master-Voted Blood Type Edition


“What’s your blood type?” We seem to love asking this question in Asia. Japanese, South Koreans, and Taiwanese regard blood type as a more accurate measure of personality traits than constellation. But who proposed this concept of personality judgement? “Understanding Affinity Through Blood Type” is the first Blood type personality theory book published in the 1970s by Masahiko Nomi, a graduate of the University of Tokyo.

In this article, let us recommend suitable tea styles through different blood types, and let’s see if the recommended tea bags match your blood type!


Blood Type Tea

Tea Recommendations: Personality Traits and Tea Selection Based on Blood Type

Type A: Golden Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea & Yingxiang Oolong Tea

People with Type A blood are shy and introverted, known for their politeness, honesty, and friendliness. They are patient and punctual but dislike change, being quite conservative, timid, and sensitive. They avoid conflicts with others and often find it difficult to express emotions or trust others.

Type A individuals tend to prioritize others, meticulously plan activities in advance, and stick to their plans without deviation. They can exhibit unnecessary stubbornness when plans are subject to change.

For individuals with perfectionist personalities like those with Type A blood, a premium recommendation is the Golden Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea, aiming to soothe their sensitive nerves with the aroma of chrysanthemum and help them not get bogged down in details even if tasks are incomplete.

Type A individuals are adept at hiding their feelings and often refrain from expressing too much. A cup of Yingxiang Oolong Tea might help open them up, patiently understanding them bit by bit. You’ll find that Type A individuals have very tender and fragile hearts, so they need to feel relaxed and comfortable to let their guard down around you.

Type A Blood Positive Traits: Kindness, Shyness, Attention to Detail, Politeness, Reliability, Responsibility
Type A Blood Negative Traits: Stubbornness, Anxiety, Over Sensitivity, Perfectionism

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Tea leaves, like blood types, hold secrets in their veins, an aromatic code that whispers tales of vitality, serenity, passion, and balance, blending the essences of the brew with the uniqueness of each type.

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⭐Type B: Honey Red Oolong Tea & Stress Relief Lemon Tea – Tea Recommendation

People with blood type B are highly individualistic, not easily influenced by others, and abide by their own rules. They express their emotions unabashedly and speak their minds without hesitation, and are comparatively more conservative than blood type A.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, people with blood type B are much more open-minded than type A, and have little concern of what others think of them, as they would rather just get on with living life to the fullest.

People with blood type B have unique personalities, just like Honey Red Oolong Tea, which has an aroma that uniquely sits somewhere between black tea and oolong tea. The refreshing Stress Relief Lemon Tea is the best pick when it comes to herbal options, as the fresh fragrance of lemongrass can trigger a sense of freedom, leading to curiosity, enlightenment and thereby, success!

Strengths of people with blood type B: Individualistic, optimistic, socially enthusiastic & honest
Weaknesses of people with blood type B: Impatient, irresponsible, self-centred & overly proud

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⭐Type AB: Dong Pian Sìjìchūn Tea & Royal Peppermint Herbal Tea – Tea Recommendation

People with AB blood type are very creative and possess artistic talent. In particular, they are commented as the funniest of all blood types, as this blood type is often described as either a genius or psychopath.

People with type AB blood tend to live in their own world, always try to keep a certain distance in interpersonal relationships, and rarely establish strong relationships with others. As a hybrid blood type, they often change rapidly based on their mood at any moment, making them very elusive.

ABoxTik recommends Dong Pian Sìjìchūn Tea which is limited to winter harvesting (December to January in the northern hemisphere). The quantity is small, unique and difficult to pick, but it is a batch of excellent quality. For type AB with mystical qualities, we also recommend Royal Peppermint Herbal Tea as the coolness of mint may increase rationality.

Strengths of people with blood type AB: Rational, smart, positive, introverted & unique
Weaknesses of people with blood type AB: Aloof, critical, indecisive, intolerant & unpredictable

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⭐Type O: Palace Stress Relief Tea & Jinxuan Oolong Tea – Tea Recommendation

O-type are cheerful, outgoing, optimistic, charming, energetic, and natural leaders. They know how to manage their emotions well, giving people an impression of stability and control. Generosity, loyalty, positivity and honesty are what keep them surrounded by good friends, however, they do lack precision and attention to detail.

Although they look strong on the outside, they are actually very sensitive on the inside. Therefore, ABoxTik recommends Taiwanese Tea No. 12 – Jinxuan Tea, which is known for its sweet and milky fragrance.

Just like Jinxuan’s milky fragrance, they feel at ease and are quite friendly to everyone. But they have difficulty expressing their feelings because they are afraid of being rejected. Palace Stress Relief Tea can help them to calm their tension and keep themselves from being exhausted all the time in order to complete things perfectly.

Strengths of people with blood type O: Ambitious, confident, energetic & friendly
Weaknesses of people with blood type O: Stubborn, arrogant, excessively competitive & insensitive

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In the cup, blood type tea swirls like liquid destiny, each blend a potion that aligns with the cosmic rhythm of individuality, a sip to harmonize with the universe within




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