12 Chinese Zodiac Teas – Destiny’s Lucky Tea Bags?


Character is the attitude of an individual toward his/hers surroundings, based on social definitions. The culture of the zodiac is a belief system formed by combining traditional religious philosophy and magic culture, using associations with animal temperaments. From the year of birth, everyone will get a corresponding zodiac sign. Now let’s learn about the personality characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs, and from these characteristics let us make a recommended match for each. If you want to give gifts to friends and colleagues, you may want to consider a tea compatible with their zodiac sign.

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12 Zodiac Tea

Chinese Zodiac Tea – 12 Exclusive Lucky Tea Blends

Chinese Zodiac Tea – Rat : Afternoon Stress Relief Herbal Tea

People born in the Year of the Rat are clever, agile, sharp-minded, optimistic, and adaptable. They are willing to accept help from others and are often sensitive and romantic. However, they may rely too much on intuition, and their logical thinking may be weak.

For tea recommendations, we suggest the Afternoon Stress Relief Herbal Tea, which contains chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum leaves, globe amaranth, and sweet chrysanthemum leaves. It can help relieve long-term stress and restlessness, assisting those born in the Year of the Rat in enhancing clear thinking and boosting intelligence!

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In the dance of moonlit fields, the Rat scampers with whispers of fortune, its tiny paws etching destiny’s script on the parchment of the night, a celestial ballet of luck.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Ox: Palace Stress Relief Tea

People of the Ox are straightforward, honest, patient, hard-working, persistent and reliable, but sometimes too obsessive, and their personality of no regrets is sometimes like a child with a temper tantrum.

Their “easy-to-satisfy” personality sometimes makes their work efficiency low, a bit out of touch with the pace of the times, and they are not very willing to accept new technologies. For such people, we recommend the stable Palace Stress Relief Tea, the gentle herbal tea formula which is as calm and warm as the character of a cow.

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Among fields bathed in amber hues, the Ox plows with steady grace, its sinewy strength a testament to perseverance, and as dawn breaks, it leaves the earth adorned in the tapestry of dreams.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Tiger: Jinxuan Oolong Tea Bag

Tigers are mostly tough on the outside and soft on the inside, ambitious, independent, mostly pursue balance and justice, and can handle everything properly no matter what they encounter. Unwilling to obey others, Taiwan Tea No. 12 – Jinxuan Tea, always has a sweet and milky aroma, and is most aligned. Jinxuan Oolong Tea is skillfully baked by tea masters, and has a calm and restrained aroma, just like a tiger ready to pounce.

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In the moonlit jungle, the Tiger prowls with eyes aglow, its stripes weaving tales of courage, its roar echoing through the night, a symphony of the wild’s untamed heart.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Rabbit: Stress Relief Lemon Tea

Rabbits have an open-minded, lively, and quick thinking temperament, and do not easily offend, although they are at times too sentimental and nervous when alone. The Stress Relief Lemon Tea containing lemon verbena and lemongrass, which can relieve sensitive emotions is most recommended.

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Amidst fields adorned with blooms, the Rabbit weaves through the fragrant tapestry, its ears catching the whispers of spring, and with each hop, it sows seeds of hope in the garden of time.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Dragon: Honey Red Oolong Tea

Generous, intelligent, friendly and enthusiastic people born in the year of the dragon have strong self-motivation, natural diplomatic skills, personal charm, and are ambitious dreamers that like to take risks and pursue romance. The indifferent and unconstrained Red Oolong Tea made from tea leaves picked in summer is beautifully coloured with a burnt-sweet aroma, and is most fitting.

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In the dance of celestial flames, the Dragon soars, scales shimmering with tales of ancient wisdom, and as it breathes, it exhales the winds that carry the whispers of destiny.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Snake: Golden Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea

Pursuing perfection and being full of passion are the greatest characteristics of people born in the year of the snake. With extraordinary intelligence, love and empathy, along with the mystic to explore, they are overly sensitive and picky, but chrysanthemum herbal tea with a delicate smell and elegant colour can help overcome this trait.

The Golden Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea is mainly made of chrysanthemum, and is caffeine free, making it most suitable before bed, and for assisting in the regulation of sensitive emotions!

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Through moonlit vines, the Snake glides, a serpentine ballet of grace, its gaze an enigma reflecting the mysteries of the night, and with each slither, it unveils secrets inscribed in the scrolls of time.

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Chinese Zodiac Tea – Horse: Royal Peppermint Herbal Tea

People born in the Year of the Horse are lively and adorable, caring for their family and friends with great attention. They are easily loved by everyone, with a positive and lively mindset. They are naturally quick in action, with clear goals, proactive and enterprising, broad-minded, and easy to get along with.

However, Horses are naturally restless, always seeking fresh and exciting experiences. Therefore, cool peppermint leaves and lemongrass are perfect for satisfying the visual and taste experiences of Horses.

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In fields brushed by the golden sun, the Horse gallops, a creature of spirited freedom, its mane a cascade of dreams, and with each hoofbeat, it echoes the rhythm of untamed hearts.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Goat: Yingxiang Oolong Tea

Goats are usually patient, gentle, stable and kind, and are savvy in managing finances. They also enjoy life very much, so we recommend sweet over bitter – Taiwanese Yingxiang Oolong tea.

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Amongst blossoming meadows, the Goat grazes with a gentle elegance, its fleece adorned with the pearls of dew, and as it bleats, it composes a lullaby for the stars.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Monkey: Galaxy Starshine Relaxing Tea

Monkeys are smart, lively, humorous, quick-witted, and clear-headed, strongly capable of bringing joy and laughter to everyone. They are uncompromising in their work, have leadership skills, and know how to maintain internal order and ethics. Therefore, we recommend the sweet lemony taste and aroma – Galaxy Starshine Relaxing Tea.

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Amidst canopies of emerald, the Monkey swings, a mischievous ballet in the forest’s embrace, its chatter the playful melody that serenades the woodland symphony.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Rooster: Jade Oolong Tea

People of the Rooster year are keen on dressing up, are unique in vision, and are expressly flexible in character. They are also quick to accept new things, enjoy pampering themselves, and are very sensitive to information from the outside world. Jade Oolong Tea is rare among teas, and it is the most suitable for those who have egoism.

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As dawn unveils its canvas, the Rooster crows, its vibrant plumage a proclamation of the morning sun, and in its crowing, it heralds the awakening dreams of a new day.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Dog: Tongding Oolong Tea

Dogs are loyal, enthusiastic and frank, have a sense of responsibility and a self-sacrificing spirit. The most suitable tea for them is Tongding Oolong Tea, as it is very resistant to brewing, just like a resilient dog.

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Beneath a tapestry of constellations, the Dog guards, its loyal gaze etching celestial maps, and as it barks, it echoes the promises written in the stars.

⭐Chinese Zodiac Tea – Pig: Dong Pian Sìjìchūn Tea

Pigs are honest, gentle, and cherish friendship without expecting anything in return. For such people, Dong Pian Sìjìchūn is of excellent quality, has a bright and refreshing floral fragrance, and will definitely hit the spot for those born in the year of the pig.

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In orchards laden with sweetness, the Pig roots, a connoisseur of earthly delights, its snout an artist painting the fragrance of ripe dreams, and with each oink, it celebrates the harvest of joy.




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