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In busy modern life, 5 minutes of rest over a cup of warm natural herbal tea is a great way to relieve stress. In addition to Starbucks well-known signature coffee, they also offer a series of pure and organic herbal teas, the most popular of which is chamomile.

In addition to the well-known Frappuccino series at Starbucks, they have also actively developed many different varieties such as the “TEAVANA” series, which is the first choice for people who do not often drink coffee.


What is Starbucks Chamomile Herbal Tea?

Is Starbucks Chamomile Herbal Blend Tea Bag Recommended?

Starbucks has locations in 80 countries around the world, and their “TEAVANA” series has a range of beverages including matcha, fudge, and English breakfast.

Starbucks’ Chamomile Blend is a product that has been proportionately blended by using carefully selected high-quality herbs produced in various countries, and is a great non-caffeinated alternative. However, It is not recommended to drink chamomile iced, and consumption on an empty stomach should be avoided to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort.

  • Sources of Starbucks’ Chamomile Herbal Blend Tea Bag ingredients

Starbucks Chamomile Herbal Blend contains chamomile from Croatia, rose petals from Pakistan, mint leaves from Germany, lavender from France, and aromatic lemongrass from Thailand. Aside from Starbucks in-store beverages, tea bag packs are also sold for customers to brew themselves at home.

  • Price of Starbucks’ Chamomile Herbal Blend Tea Bags

“Teavana Chamomile Herbal Blend” tea bags are available for purchase on Starbucks’ online store in packs of 12 for TWD$350, along with other varieties including English black, Earl Gray, and Alishan Oolong.

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Enter the enchanting world of Starbucks Herbal Tea, where the art of tea-making meets the brilliance of modern innovation. Each sip is an exploration of rich botanical notes, perfectly balanced to captivate the senses and transport you to a realm of pure indulgence.


Tea Classroom – Starbucks Chamomile Herbal Tea

Why drink chamomile tea?

Chamomile contains a large amount of flavonoid active ingredients, which have soothing effects on the human nervous system and reduces tension. Fresh chamomile flower is also called “ground apples” as it has the aroma of apples, which allows the body to absorb nutrients from nature just like apples.

Mild chamomile flowers can also enhance the body’s immune system and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. Drinking hot chamomile herbal tea can relieve tracheal discomfort, and add quality to your sleep, particularly if you are prone to dry coughs.

  • Benefits of Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile is a herb that soothes skin irritations, stabilises mood, and helps sleep. In addition, Chamomile can also stabilise blood sugar balance, which makes it an ideal beverage for diabetics.

  • The efficacy of Chamomile Herbal tea

Natural chamomile herbal tea can relieve work stress, fatigue, and anxiety, and reduce dark circles. These benefits can also be acquired through other categories of chamomile products such as essential oils, skin care products and shampoos.

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Online commenters

(Website: PTT) on Starbucks Chamomile Herbal Blend Tea Bags
“The fragrance of mint in herbal tea will not be overly grassy”
“Drinking chamomile will have a relaxing feeling”
“When I don’t want to drink coffee, I drink chamomile herbal tea”
“I drink it when I feel I’m about to catch a cold, it’s really effective”
“A good choice when I avoid drinking sugar drinks during weight loss process”
“Sweet and natural, suitable for drinking in the afternoon”
Starbucks rarely offers discounts on their chamomile tea. Next time you visit Starbucks, consider trying a tea beverage that’s distinct from coffee.


Recommended Starbucks Teavana Series

In addition to chamomile, Starbucks has a broad range of teas to enjoy, such as Matcha, Peicha, Rose, and English breakfast, which are worlds apart from coffee-based beverages and smoothie-type Frappuccinos on offer. The simple ingredients used from the Teavana range provide other options for those who cannot consume caffeine, meaning that consumption time does not need to be considered when it comes to the impact of sleep.

  • Matcha
    High-quality pure Japanese matcha, finely grounded, and mixed in with coffee milk.
  • Fuji Latte
    Roasted Japanese Peicha tea mixed in with milk.
  • Iced Rose Honey
    Rose honey scented black milk tea with the delicate aroma of rose
  • Acerola Black
    Black tea combined with sweet & sour Acerola jam.
  • English Breakfast Black
    High altitude mellow black tea is carefully blended

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Enter the enchanting world of Starbucks Herbal Tea, where the art of tea-making meets the brilliance of modern innovation. Each sip is an exploration of rich botanical notes, perfectly balanced to captivate the senses and transport you to a realm of pure indulgence.

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Where can I buy Starbucks Chamomile Herbal Blend tea bags?

In addition to purchasing Chamomile Herbal Blend tea bags at Starbucks stores, it can also be purchased on Starbucks’ website. Occasionally, there will be a 15% discount during annual sales seasons, which is obviously an ideal time to buy!

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