2023 Taiwan International Tea Expo – Full Guide

Tea Expo

Join us at the annual Taiwan International Tea Expo, a must-attend event usually held in mid-November. This year, mark your calendars for November 17th to 20th, 2023. The venue is the Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1st floor. The expo, revolving around tea-related products, offers diverse themes each year. Tickets are available online, and it’s a family-friendly event with free admission for seniors above 70 and children under 12.

Tea Expo 2023台灣國際茶業博覽會

What is Taiwan Tea Expo?

Taiwan International Tea Expo – A Hub for Tea Enthusiasts

This expo is a key event in the tea industry, showcasing various tea-related products like teas from different regions, tea snacks, beverages, tea gift boxes, tea sets, cultural items, art, and more. It’s a comprehensive exhibition featuring aspects of tea and life.

Selected On-Site Activities at the Taiwan Tea Expo

  • Best Taiwan Tea – Taiwan Tea Expo

Engage in exciting activities like Taiwanese tea flavor lectures and learning about Taiwanese teas. Knowledgeable speakers will guide you through the planting and tea-making processes across different regions in Taiwan. Plus, savor some of Taiwan’s finest teas right at the venue.

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  • Highlight: Taiwan’s Outstanding Tea Estates Awards Ceremony – Taiwan Tea Expo

Annually, outstanding tea estates are recognized, drawing inspiration from European wine estates. This initiative propels the tea industry from primary agriculture to the sixth-tier integrated development, covering agriculture, culture, tourism, and eco-friendly cultivation.

  • Exclusive Expo Offers and Highlights

Don’t miss the last major tea and coffee expo of the year! Exhibitors go all out to promote their products, offering exclusive deals you won’t find elsewhere. Explore the expo and bring home delightful souvenirs.

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In the heart of Taiwan, where mist-kissed mountains cradle ancient tea gardens, the Taiwan Tea Expo unfolds like a poetic tableau. Here, the dance of delicate leaves and the symphony of aromatic brews narrate the saga of Taiwan’s tea heritage.

Tea Shops in C.Taiwan 一盒精品 ABoxTik

Tea Classroom – Taiwan Tea Expo

“Spotlight Tea Estates: Illuminating Tea Regions” – Join the Tea Tasting

A unique feature of the expo is the selection of “Spotlight Tea Estates” each year. These estates showcase diverse styles and characteristics, including marketing tea garden landscapes, tea art and culture, in-depth tours covering ecology and history, tea processing experiences, and fashion and unconventional collaborations. The aim is to elevate Taiwan’s tea culture and encourage tea estate owners to promote Taiwanese teas globally, akin to foreign wine estates.

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  • 1.Flavors of Hualien – Fragrant Red Tea and Red Oolong – Taiwan Tea Expo

Experience the rich flavors of Hualien’s vertically positioned valleys, known for excellent water sources. The “Red Oolong,” with its aromatic oolong tea essence and mature black tea undertones, is a distinctive local tea. Pair it with tasty Red Oolong egg rolls for an exceptional afternoon tea feast.

  • 2.Nantou’s Sun Moon Lake – Taiwan’s No. 18 Black Tea – Taiwan Tea Expo

Explore Nantou, Taiwan’s only landlocked county, and don’t forget Sun Moon Lake. Taste the unique aromatic flavors of Sun Moon Lake‘s famous Taiwan No. 18 black tea, distinct from red teas in other regions. Besides enjoying the lake, experience the process of making red tea, making it a worthwhile two-day tea journey.

  • 3.Chiayi’s Alishan Tea – Tea and Scenic Mountain Views – Taiwan Tea Expo

Immerse yourself in the enchanting high-mountain tea plantations of Chiayi. Learn the art of tea-making amidst the beautiful mountain mist. Experience the fragrance of premium Taiwan high-mountain tea through a perfect brewing process. Take a stroll along the mountain trails, indulging in the natural aromas of the sacred tree valley.

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  • 4.Oriental Beauty Tea – The Green Miracle of the Little Green Leaf Cicada – Taiwan Tea Expo

Visit the East Beauty Tea Story Museum in the Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli tea region. Discover how the initially unpopular little insect, the Green Leaf Cicada, played a crucial role in making Taiwan’s tea number one globally. Enjoy a cup of Taiwan’s highly acclaimed Oriental Beauty Tea, exported worldwide, and explore the historic handcrafted tea factories, immersing yourself in the daily lives of local tea farmers.

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2023 Taiwan International Tea Expo - Full Guide - ABoxTik 一盒精品 4

2023 Taiwan International Tea Expo Details

Date: November 17th (Fri) – November 20th (Mon)
Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Location: Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1F, No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City
Ticket Prices: Full Ticket NT$200, Discounted Ticket NT$100 (for ages 65-69 or with disability ID, including one accompanying person) Free for seniors aged 70 and above and children under 12.

2023Taiwan International Tea Expo FREE Ticket

Taiwan Tea Expo Transportation Information – By Bus

Nangang Elementary School: Location: No. 77, Section 1, Nangang Rd. (westbound); Nangang Rd. TS12C83, beside the utility pole (eastbound)
Buses: 212, 276, 306 (San Chung), 306 (Metropolitan), 306, 605, 620, 629, 645, 668, 675, Small 1, Small 12, Small 5, Blue 15, Blue 22, Blue 23, 205

Nangang Software Park North Station: Location: Beside the waiting booth at No. 39 San Chung Rd. (southbound); Opposite No. 39 San Chung Rd. (northbound)
Buses: 203, 281, 620, 620, 629, 645, 551, 711, 817, Small 1, Red 32, Blue 12, Blue 22, Brown 9, Brown 10

Jingmao 1st Road Intersection: Location: 10 meters west of Nangang Rd. Section 1, near Jingmao intersection (westbound)
Buses: 605, 629, 668, 675, Nan 21, 51

Nangang Software Park South Station: Location: In front of No. 19-2 San Chung Rd. (southbound); Opposite No. 19-2 San Chung Rd. (northbound)
Buses: 51, 203, 281, 620, 620, 629, 645, 551, 711, 817, Small 1, Red 32, Blue 12, Blue 21, Blue 22

Taiwan Tea Expo Transportation Information – By Car

  • National Highway 1 North/South: Exit at Neihu Interchange, take Chenggong Rd., cross Chenggong Bridge, turn left onto Chongyang Rd. to Nangang Exhibition Hall.
  • National Highway 3 North/South: Exit at National Hwy 5 Interchange, turn left onto Datong Rd., go straight to Nangang Rd. to Nangang Exhibition Hall.
  • National Highway 5 to Taipei: Merge onto National Highway 3 via Nangang System Interchange, drive about 1 km on the right lane, take Nangang Interchange to Nangang Exhibition Hall.

Taiwan Tea Expo Transportation Information – By MRT

To Nangang Exhibition Hall: Take Wenhu Line/Bannan Line to Nangang Exhibition Hall Station, use Exit 1 to Nangang Hall 1 or Nangang Hall 2.

Parking Fees – Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F – Taiwan Tea Expo

Weekdays: NT$30 for 15 minutes to 1 hour, additional NT$15 for every half-hour thereafter, maximum NT$180 per day. Overnight parking: NT$300.
Exhibition Period: NT$60 per hour, additional NT$30 for every half-hour thereafter, maximum charges adjusted according to the exhibition. Overnight parking: NT$300.

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Amidst the emerald landscapes of Taiwan, the Taiwan Tea Expo emerges as a grand ode to the artistry of tea. Enveloped by the whispers of tea leaves and the dance of porcelain, it’s a rendezvous where tradition and innovation waltz hand in hand.


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